MD5 hash generator

With this MD5 hash generator you can easily create a MD5 hash.
MD5 hashes get used regularly by scripts to encrypt something. To save password information a MD5 has is not suited, in the past this was used a lot. Now there are more save ways to save passwords, but MD5 still can be used for encrypting data in 2 ways.

Where do you need a MD5 hash?

There are many cases where you do not want to save your data unencrypted. With MD5 you can save data encrypted, with MD5 you can easily decrypt it. Because of this “feature” it isn’t used for encrypting passwords anymore.

In the past MD5 it was used a lot to save passwords, but you can easily decrypt it with a rainbow table. That’s why no secure site still uses MD5 to store passwords in the database.

Example MD5 hash

Under this line there is an example MD5 hash, the word “sepiatools” has been encrypted with MD5: