DNS Lookup – Check the dns records of a domain

With this DNS (Domain Name Server) checker you can check all records of a domain name.
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Explanation DNS records

There are a lot of different types of DNS records, below they are all explained. It this way you can make sense of the DNS results from this dns checker or lookup tool.

Type RecordExplanation
ABasic type record, on what ip(version 4) your (sub)domain can be found.
AAAABasic type record, on what ip(version 6) your (sub)domain can be found.
CNAMEThis is the Canonical name record. It creates an alias for another (sub)domain.
MXHere you can find the mail server settings. MX stands for Mail Exchange.
NSNS stands for nameserver. In the nameserver are all the dns settings of a domain.
PTRPTR stands for pointer record. With this record you can set reverse dns. If you ping a domain you will see this domain.
SRVSRV stands for Service records. Some services like voip need extra settings, in this field these settings can be found.
SOASOA stands for Start of Authority. Here you can find the main server of a domain name.
TXTTXT stands for TEXT. Here you can add all kinds of things that do not fit in the other fields. It get used a lot by sites to verify the ownership of a domain.
CAACAA stands for Certification Authority Authorization. Here you can set who is able to serve ssl certificates for a domain.
DSDS stands for Delegation Signer. Here public keys are saved.
DNSKEYHere you can add set dns validation.