What is my ip v4 address?

With this easy to use ip address tool you can see directly what ip address you are using at this point.
Get the ip address of your local machine can be useful to check if your ip address is in the logs somewhere
to see if the pages you loaded cause errors on your website.

IP v4 address:
Provider : AS14618 Amazon.com, Inc.
Hostname : ec2-100-28-0-143.compute-1.amazonaws.com
Region : Virginia
City : Ashburn
Postal code : 20147
Country : US

What is a ip v4 address?

The ip address you see above is the IP address you are using to access the internet, it has been assigned to you by your internet provider. Your ip address is a collection of 4 numbers ranging from 0 to 255 seperated with a dot. This address is used by the computer network called the internet, so computers have a way to connect to each other. Every device, server, phone or other device that can connect to the internet has an internet address or ip address. If you have a home network that is being used by all devices in your home like a phone, pc or the television, they all get an ip address from a device called a router. This router assigns an internal ip address to all devices in your home of Wi-Fi or cable network.

The address that is shown above is the external ip address, you get appointed this address from your internet provider. Your router connects this external address to all your activities, from the outside only the external address is visible on the internet. If you go with you pc, phone or tablet make use of the internet and use the home Wi-Fi only the external ip is shown.

Hide your IP address

Would you like to hide your ip address than there are several options:

  • Connect with a virtual private network (VPN) (This option is recommended)
  • Make use of a proxy server
  • Use a site with a service to surf the web anonymously.

IP versions (v4 and v6)

The best known and most used ip version at this point (2023) is the ip version 4 also called ipv4. Because the number of ipv4 addresses are limited, there is a new ip version coming that will eventualy replace the old ipv4. There are many stept taken in this direction already, numerous devices already only use an ipv6 address to connect to the internet. ipv5 was never used because it got used it was already outdated, that’s why ipv6 is now being implemented everywhere.

An ipv4 address exists of 4 numbers from 0 to 255 and devided by a dot.
ipv4 example address: (private ip address, used for internal networks like your home Wi-Fi network)

An ipv6 address exists of 8 hex numbers seperated by a colon.
ipv6 address example: FC00:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000 (private ip address, used for internal networks)
The last 8 zeros can be left out, this address can be written as FC00::