Linkgrabber – Collect all links of a webpage

With this tool you can easily export all links that are on one webpage to a list that can easily be used in other link analysis tools. There are 2 options to use this tool. You can past a html code into the text form or you can submit an urls that the script will grab and read.

For example fill in a web address like and retrieve all links from that page. At this time it only retrieves links from a single webpage, not from all pages from a complete website. If you want to use the text option, you can simply past the source code of the page you want to analyse in the text field.


Grab all links from a single page, all links in under each other without styling. Because all the results are in a textarea you can easily copy them and use the list in other tools. This list can easily be used in several SEO tools like majestic to find valuable links on the pages from competitors. If you want to see off links are working, you can use the url checker tool.