Urlchecker – Check the status of 100 urls at once

Check a list of internet addresses / urls to see if there are any 404 errors and other status codes to spont errors on the links on your site. Just past in your url list and this site will check them all, if you do not have a list you can generate it with the linkgrabber tool. Do not use lists that are too long to make sure it can still load, there is a 30-second maximum loading time. Lists with 100 urls or less are still doing fine, it saves a lot of testing time if you do not have to check all the sites by hand.

How many links can be tested at a time

The list should not be too long, if the server takes too long to check the entire request fails. That is why there is a limit of 100 URLs that can be tested per request.

When to use

Your site needs a check now and then, especially when you have a lot of links added to your website. Do yo have a partner list, and you want to check all links on your website in one go? Then this tool is ideal to check them all at once. There are many sites that still use http:// but one by one they all move to https://, a small change that can be overlooked easily.

Receive only the errors back

With the result of this url checker you will only show the errors, it doesn’t show the good ones to make sure the errors stand out. Do you have suggestions for this tool to make it even better? Be sure to send an email, so it can be updated to become even more efficient.

Is this what you need? Or do you need changes?

We can make a custom tool for wishes, or maybe you want this tool to be used automatically and receive the errors if found by mail? Everything is possible, just sent an email to support@gmail.com for more information.